About us

How it Began

Bubba's Carolina Jerky started with Bubba himself in his garage, making tasty jerky for friends and family.  His roots as a farm boy growing up in rural North Carolina gave him his first taste of jerky.  When the "boys" would go hunting they'd tear off a strip of beef from the smokehouse to take with them. 

The Early Years

When Bubba grew up and was politely asked to join his nation's military he took what he knew about good meat and making jerky with him on his travels around the world.  Bubba spent 36 years in the Army and Coast Guard where he proudly served his nation.  From Viet Nam to the nation's capital and many points in between.  He made his jerky in a personal sized dehydrator and packaged it in small sandwich baggies to give out to friends and family.

Getting Started

When he was told, over and over, that his jerky was better than the jerky you could buy in the stores (including from a Coast Guard Admiral) he decided to research just what it would take to get his jerky on store shelves when he retired.  Little did he know then that it would be a multi-year journey!  Between the IRS, multi-state jurisdictional taxation regulations, not to mention the USDA and FDA regulations that had to be adhered to, there were times when Bubba wasn't sure he'd make it to see his jerky displayed in any retail outlet.  But he persevered and just 5 years after he started his research he landed his first real wholesale client, Mast General Stores out of the Carolinas and Tennessee.  Mast General remains one of Bubba's clients to this very day. 

Bubba's Jerky Today

Bubba takes great pride in his jerky and the fact that he has not compromised one bit on the quality.  He could make cheaper jerky.  He could use beef by-products.  He could do a thousand things that the "Big Boys" do to earn more $$s and sell you jerky for less.  But he refuses to compromise the integrity of his product.

Bubba uses only beef brisket, chicken breast, and center cut bacon.  None of Bubba's meats are chopped, pressed or formed.  All are actual cuts of meat.  Bubba also only buys meats from farmers and ranchers local to the production plant.  We hope you enjoy Bubba's jerky.  If you ever have any questions please give Bubba a call or drop him an email - he'd love to hear from you!